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Our Instructors


Russ & Lee Taylor, gallery owners & artists.

Russ Taylor has been a professional artist since 1981. He is a graduate of Ringling School of Art in Sarasota FL.


Lee Taylor has been a professional artist since 2000.  She also taught art for 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from SMU in Dallas, TX and Layout and Production from

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.


Richard Riley, Instructor for the wire jewelry classes, has years of experience creating and teaching the art of Silver wire jewelry. He loves to see the reactions of those who make something for the first time using only pliers & wire.


Janie Friedland specializes in hand building with clay. She finds inspirations all around - in her garden, in the woods, and at the beach. She also likes to add natural elements, like cypress branches and seashells, to her ceramics. Flowers, birds, and imaginary figures are whimsically created and capture the essences of the people and places, both real and from folklore, that inspire her.

Sandra Lallemand, award winning watercolor artist. Her work and teaching represents years of experience.

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